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Since 1972, Sybesma’s Automotive has been a fixture on the corner of South Shore Drive and Myrtle Avenue on Holland’s Central Park district. Larry Sybesma took over the business from his dad, Russell, who had moved it there from the corner of 9th and College in downtown Holland to respond to the needs of the fast-growing area halfway to the old Point West.

Abel Sybesma, Larry’s grandfather, had started the business in the 1920s as a Sinclair Station on 9th and College (where Lemonjello’s Café now operates).

After an 80-year family run, Larry decided it was time to hang up the wrench and take summers off for a change. He connected with a young local auto specialist, Paul Eshenaur. After graduating West Ottawa High in 1995, Paul had worked at Maplewood Auto for 10 years, thoroughly learning the craft and the key to any successful business: customer satisfaction.

Larry Sybesma believed that he had found the right man to carry on the legacy, and in 2005, Paul took over the business. Jay Langejans partnered into the business in July, 2006, and the two have crafted a formidable business based on a passion for the work they do coupled with a real concern for their customers’ needs.

Jay had previously worked with Paul and hooked up with him the because he says, “I am very big on making sure every customer gets personal service and a positive experience when they bring their car in to us. Paul was already committed to doing that here.”

In 2007, Paul and Jay decided to add the name "Central Park" to the moniker. According to Paul, “It helps to anchor our business in the community and reflects our Central Park business district’s commitment to excellence.” Sybesma’s Central Park Automotive will continue to focus on the repair and maintenance of European and Asian imports as well as domestic automobiles. When questioned about the next 80 years, Paul responds with, “I think we’ll be here for quite a long run. We’re 'family' guys. We have generations who have come here-- and a few more down the road to take care of.”